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What Cleaning Method Do You Use?


Our team of professionals uses a modern, powerful truck-mounted system. This method is often called hot-water extraction or steam cleaning and is recommended by carpet


Steam cleaning uses a fine spray of hot water to force and suspend the toughest dirt out of the carpet. Immediately following the spray, the dirt is sucked up by the vacuum slot. This removes up to 95% of soil and spots from your carpet.

Steam cleaning is also a great way to reduce your allergies and other breathing problems by eliminating dust mites, allergens, and other microscopic pollutants.

When Will My Carpet Be Dry?


Typically, it takes about 6 to 8 hours for your carpet to dry after cleaning. This  will depend on the temperature, humidity, and air movement of the room.  You can reduce the drying time by turning on your heating or cooling  system or running fans for air circulation.

Foam blocks and protective tape will be placed between the furniture legs and the carpet, and these can be removed after the carpet is completely dry in 24 hours.

Please be cautious when moving from the damp carpet to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

Will You Move My Furniture?

Yes. You can count on us to move most furniture and replace it after cleaning your carpet. For liability reasons, we don't move

  • Entertainment centers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Sectional sofas
  • Hutches
  • Pianos
  • Bookshelves
  • Waterbeds
  • Dressers, etc.

Please call to ask if you have a question about a piece of furniture. If there is furniture that we don't move, we'll clean right up to the edge of the piece.

To prepare for carpet cleaning, we suggest you remove all the small items  from the areas to be cleaned. This includes plants, lamps, knickknacks,  and more. You should also remove valuables and breakables from your  tables, and pin up curtains, drapes, and furniture skirts, so they are  at least 6 inches above the floor.  It's best if you can vacuum before your appointment, but it's a service that we can provide if necessary. 

What Other Cleaning Services Do You Provide?

 Depend on us for a wide variety of upholstery cleaning services.

  • Recliners
  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Dining room chairs
  • Mattresses

You can also rely on us to clean

  • Tile
  • Pet stains and odors
  • Area rugs
  • Vehicles, including boats, automobiles, RVs, and campers
  • Garages

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